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Alinox Sp. z o.o.

Alinox, a fully owned subsidiary of Scope Metals Group, was established in 2007 to provide a comprehensive range of products to the Polish and Eastern European markets. Conveniently located in Myslowice, near Krakow and Katowice airport, Alinox is an ideal stainless and non-ferrous metals supplier to 1500 customers throughout Poland, Germany, Latvia and Ukraine. Our advantage is wide range of ex-warehouse products, special pre-processing and metalworking service and quick delivery. Alinox specializes in processing cut-to-size plates for its customers. Our automatic cutting equipment can cut plate up to 220 mm and bars up 500 mm.
Alinox's products are complemented by technological consultation services regarding new materials, as well as guidance regarding optimal price/properties ratios. Experienced trade representatives with contacts in domestic and international markets plus a well-established distribution network mean efficient procurement followed by rapid delivery.
Everything held in stock
More than 2,000 tones of stainless and non-ferrous metal semi-finished products are awaiting your order in our 3500 sqm warehouse in Myslowice. Aluminium, brass, copper and bronze: We supply you with all common non-ferrous metals fast, at a good price and in top quality. We even deliver large quantities with the minimum wait to your nominated destination.
Attentive and Responsive to Customer Needs
Alinox is characterized by exceptional responsiveness to customer requirements, and continually expands its range of products accordingly. In addition, as part of a global network of partnerships, Alinox can provide very specific materials at exceptionally short notice.
Alinox, with biggest stock of Aerospace aluminum sheets and plates in Poland, has earned a reputation as a leading regional supplier to the aerospace industries.


Alinox Sp. z o.o.
Budowlana 26
20-469 Lublin
tel. 81 7449586
fax. 81 5271333

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