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Aviomechanika Sp. z o.o.

Aviomechanika runs business since 2005, specialising in machining. We offer to customers from aerospace industry, production of high quality components of aircrafts engines, landing gears and elements of airframes, according to customer’s documentations, both from customer’s material and own one: stainless steels, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, nickel alloys, magnesium alloys.
Parts produced by Aviomechanika are mainly elements of jet engines e.g. housings and cases, rings and flanges, covers, sleeves, seals and nozzles. Aviomechanika has all certificates necessary for aviation industry.
Since 2006 we operate based on the quality management system according to requirements of the norm AS 9100. Since 2011 we have got the concession of Ministry of the Interior and Administration for manufacturing and trading of products and technology for military and police.
Our main production machines are CNC lathes and milling machines of renowned European producers, new ones and with short operation time. We assure production of ordered elements in line with customer’s qualitative and contractual requirements thanks to our machine park and organisation of production. Since 2011 we have got a fluorescent penetrant inspection line (FPI).
Aviomechanika has access to the testing laboratory accredited by PCA (The Polish Centre for Accreditation), equipped with two CMM measurement machine Carl Zeiss and profile measurement gauge Taylor Hobson. More information on the laboratory is available at the website of our mother-company ANGA.
We cooperate with several leading Polish aerospace companies. Our biggest partner is WSK PZL Rzeszów SA, a part of United Technologies Corporation. In 2010 Aviomechanika was awarded with the statuette of UTC Supplier Gold. We cooperate also with companies out of aerospace industry, also foreign companies.



Aviomechanika Sp. z o.o.

ul. Wyzwolenia 550A

43-340 Kozy near Bielsko-Biała Poland

Phone: +48 33 822 00 54

Fax: +48 33 821 29 64


Website: www.aviomechanika.pl

Sales contacts: Mr Marcin Wizner Mobile+48 608 674 528


Mr Jacek Weigel Mobile +48 602 601 173


Słowa kluczowe

- Parts made from alloys and stainless steel

- Mechanical machining

- Sealings

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