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Borimex PPUH

Borimex produces precise elements for the arms, the automotive, the air, and the mining markets as well as other branches of industry.
The company now employs 70 employees – engineers, technicians and operators. Thanks to our experienced staff and specialized employees the company executes its duties in the field of manufacturing for the aviation, the army and the automotive industry.
Borimex produces parts and components by means of machining with multiaxial CNC machines - lathes, machining centers, cut-off machines, gas cutters - made of various kinds of materials: stainless steel, construction steel, armor steel - Armox, Hardox as well as aluminum and brass.
Products are controlled with modern measurement devices: Accura measuring machine, Rondcom 60 - roundness meter, Surfcom Profilograph. Using the devices that we have, we provide fast, effective and very accurate performance of measurement and analysis, by issuing a technical measurement card.
Processes performed by us:
  •     CNC Turning
  •     The CNC Machining Technology
  •     Grinding surfaces, rollers and holes
  •     Burning CNC in metal sheets
  •     TIG/MIG Welding
  •     Mechanical Installation
  •     Electric Installation
  •     Injection and flexible molding
  •     Punching and stamping on presses
  •     Grinding – sand-blast cleaning
  •     Painting
Borimex has implemented several quality standard assurance systems and special qualifications proving quality:
  • The license of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration for manufacturing products for the needs of the army and the police
  • The AQAP - NATO requirements concerning the system of quality management
  • The ISO 9001-2008 – quality management system
  • The ISO 14001 – environment management system
  • The ISO 18001 – OHS system
While pursuing the mission "BORIMEX – a proven quality" we care for the satisfaction of our clients in the markets where we conduct our business.


Borowa 110 A
39-305 Borowa k/Mielca
Customer Service Office:
tel. +48 017 581 55 14
fax +48 017 581 05 38

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