Bryk Company has been in business for over 12 years. Our core area is the manufacture of highly- specialised polycrystalline diamond blades used for working of different materials. The main development areas of Bryk are the manufacture of PCD blade tools for aluminium working and wear -resistant materials used in aviation. An intense extension of the machine stock which has been completed in the recent years and implementation of modern technologies enable us to produce cutting tools which meet the stringent criteria of the aviation sector. Innovation and advanced machines and equipment and our highly qualified personnel let us manufacture high- quality tools. We manufacture from both proprietary and custom designs.
Our tools are unique and feature innovative solutions for  functionality and durability. We also provide complex servicing, sharpening and refurbishment of tools, as well as professional consultancy in manufacturing.
Our machine stock features innovative equipment for the manufacture and maintenance of diamond tools. We offer a complete range of tools: mills, saws, bits,drills, cutter heads, CNC chucks and tools sets.
Our expertise and professional performance have been acknowledged and awarded during the Podkarpacie Economic Awards contest. In 2008 Bryk was honoured with the 1st place  in the Small Business category and distinguished further  in the year 2009.
We are member of the Aviation Valley since 2011.


Kraczkowa 1663a
37-124 Kraczkowa
Tel./fax. 17 225 86 75
Tel. 17 225 04 76

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