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Relocation of machinery and production lines, service, maintenance, metrology
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EL-AUTOMATYKA  funded in 1992
Application advanced control systems for industry 
  • Retrofitting  of machine tools by adding new control components (e.g. CNC) to improve the performance and flexibility.
  • Re-engineering by redesign and build a new machine using selected components from the original. The new machine will have improved performance, additional capabilities and is customized to suit a clients application.
  • Retrofitting  of shot peenig installations. Delivery of certified Almen Strips and Almen Gages.
Important clients:
  • Goodrich - Krosno,
  • Snecma Polska  - Sędziszów,
  • Delphi  - Krosno, Tychy ,Cadiz.
  • Fedralal Mogul - Gorzyce.
  • Tamel  - Tarnów
Employment:  10


Company Address:
ul. Handlowa 3
35-109 Rzeszów

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- Machine tool rebuilding

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