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ERKO Sp. j.

ERKO’s Mission
Our mission is to meet our clients’ needs and expectations in the area of manufacture and supply of high-quality electroinstallation equipment and aircraft parts. Professional, friendly service and respect for the law and efficient logistics are the values upon which ERKO’s activity is based. We seek to be a company which is friendly to its clients, suppliers and employees and are guided by the principles of cooperation and mutual confidence, trying to build long-term relationships on equal terms. We strive to continuously increase the level and scope of our activity and qualifications of our staff. In this way, we seek to ensure the highest possible quality at the design, design engineering, manufacture, sale and service stages.
ERKO’s History
ERKO was founded in 1981 by engineer Roman Pętlak. The company’s headquarters is situated in Jonkowo near Olsztyn and the production department is in Czeluśnica near Jasło. ERKO has always been a family company. At present, the founder’s family still actively participates in the management of the enterprise. We are among the leading manufacturers of different types of cable terminals, connectors and tools for electric works in Poland. In 2007 ERKO started cooperation with WSK "PZL-Rzeszów" S.A. (belonging to the UTC concern) in the field of manufacturing metal plate details for aircraft engines. The company embarked on the development of a second core activity in the area of manufacturing parts and instrumentation for the aviation sector.Own design offices, advanced production technology and modern, universal machines allow us to react quickly to our clients’ individual needs.


ul. Ks. Jana Hanowskiego 7
11-042 Jonkowo (near Olsztyn)
province warmińsko-mazurskie
tel./fax: 089 512 92 73
Aviation production branch in Czeluśnica:
Czeluśnica 80
38-204 Tarnowiec (near Jasło)
province podkarpackie
tel./fax: 013 44 555 88


The manufacturing of aircraft parts currently takes place at the production plant in Czeluśnica, near Jasło, where we are involved mainly in the machining of metal sheets – metal plate details and assemblies with small and medium dimensions, i.e. brackets, sleeves. We offer technology for the machining of metal sheets with the application of bending, cutting and related processes, as well as special processes such as heat treatment. Our plans include the implementation of riveting, pressure welding, laser cutting, soldering, and welding technologies. ERKO is also able to offer the manufacture of details using technological operations, i.e. electric discharge and electromechanical machining (EDM, ECM), turning, milling and stamping. We also make specialist instrumentation for our clients, e.g. blanking dies, stamping dies, injection moulds, casting moulds and others.

Słowa kluczowe

- Elektro-chemical machining

- Galwanic coatings

- Instruments for aviation idustry,installations overhaules

- Parts made from alloys and stainless steel

- Mechanical machining

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