Eurotech Sp. z o.o.

Eurotech offer design and production of CUSTOM MADE advanced technology products and systems. Thanks to an individual approach to each client’s needs and experienced crew, EUROTECH successfully introduces new high quality products.
The company delivers high quality wide range of products and services:
  •     Unmanned Aircraft Platforms and Avionics
  •     Custom Electronics - measurement, control and data acquisition systems
  •     Mobile Oilfield Units
  •     Equipment and Components for Oilfield industry
  •     Distribution of advanced technology products and system in Poland
One of Eurotech’s priorities is the permanent development through active participation in research projects dealing with novel, promising technologies. Eurotech has established a strong collaboration with Polish, and overseas academic research and industrial centers. Cooperation with the aforementioned, renowned partners guarantees the transfer of knowledge to Eurotech on the highest level.


EUROTECH Sp. z o.o.
ul. Wojska Polskiego 3, 39-300 Mielec, POLAND
Telefon: +48 17 788 77 60
Faks:. +48 17 788 02 73

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