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MARCO Export-Import Rzeszów

MARCO Export-Import Rzeszów founded in 1993
    Trade of NDT materials: radiographic films, eddy-current, magnetic, isotope defectoscopes, fluorescent penetrants, magnetic powders, instruments, radiographic equipment
    Export of AN-2 airplane and ASz 62IR engine and spare parts for PZL produced airplanes.
    Import of aircraft aggregates and spare parts for Polish aircraft industry companies and the army
    Overhauls to orders of AN-2 
Employment: 4


Company Address:
ul. A.Struga  1
35-328 Rzeszów
Tel/fax 017 8640 340
Mob+48 606 339 534 

Słowa kluczowe

- Materials for NDT

- Instruments for aviation industry

- Sealings

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