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Pratt & Whitney Kalisz

Pratt & Whitney Kalisz founded in 1992
Manufactures components for gas & turbine engines of Pratt & Whitney Canada Inc-  a worldwide leader of small power engines.
The production range includes about 2100 part numbers grouped in 11 basic families: 
  •     planet reduction gearbox carriers,
  •     compressor stators, 
  •     sealing stubshafts, 
  •     oil pump gears, 
  •     accessory gearbox gearshafts, 
  •     planet gearshafts,
  •     couplings, 
  •     double tooth gears, 
  •     planet gears,
  •     ring gears 
  •     spiral bevel gears. 
Employment ~ 1000


Company Address:
St. Elektryczna 4a
62-800 Kalisz


We are looking for:
  •     Process Engineers
  •     Industrial Engineer
  •     Designers
  •     Operators of CNC machines 


We are looking for local suppliers (AMS standards required) of:
  •     Raw materials (steel bar-stock and forgings, castings, tubes)
  •     Standards (rivets, tube details, sleeves, half-sleeves, brackets, plastic caps, plugs, etc.)
  •     Chemical products (silicones, paints, abrasives, glues, etc.)
  •     Special processes (inductive hardening, EB welding, etc.)

Słowa kluczowe

- Oil pumps

- Gears

- Shafts

- Housings

- Sealings

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