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Pratt & Whitney Rzeszów S.A.

WSK "PZL-Rzeszów" S.A. founded in 1937
Centers of excellence of high-tech aircraft engine components:
  •       sheet metal
  •       blades, vanes,
  •       gears - gearboxes,
  •       shafts, disks,
  •       tubes,
  •       cases
Final products: jet, turboprop, turboshaft engines, helicopter gearboxes
 Employment: ~4700


Company Address:
St. Hetmańska 120
35-078 Rzeszów


Cooperation in machining:
  •     Engine externals system/tubing (WSK Rzeszów is the only producer of high quality tubes for all Pratt & Whitney engines),
  •     Sheet metal parts (WSK Rzeszów is a producer of the most advanced sheet metal parts),
  •     Rings and flanges,
  •     Minor elements: casings, bosses, injector elements,
  •     Aluminium alloy cast machining (e.g. creation of new companies dealing with alloy aluminium casting),
  •     Iron cast machining.

Słowa kluczowe

- Stator and rotor turbine blades

- Thermochemical treatment

- Castigs from Mg and Al. alloys

- Transmissions

- Sheet metals:cuttings, press forming, welding, ressistance welding

- Gears

- Compressor blades

- Elektro-chemical machining

- Shafts

- Housings

- Turbine blades

- Tubes

- Turbine rotors

- Pipe diffusers

- Heat treatment

- Forgings of : blades, rotors, gears, shafts

- Gear boxes

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