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Soditronik is the exclusive representative of Sodick, Röders and Aries Industries.



We provide timely deliveries of machines and consumables as well as full technical assistance in the scope of offered machine tools and technologies during the warranty and post-warranty period. The website is run from Warsaw and Wrocław.




SODICK - is a leading manufacturer of  Electro Discharge Machines (EDM) and Wire Electro Discharge Machine (WEDM) and Electro Discharge Hole Drillers equipped with linear motors. The resolution of the optical scales used for positioning is 10 nanometers. The jump of the electrode during drilling reaches the value of 36 m / min. The ability to perform complex cuts and drills of various aircraft alloys. Sodick offers hybrid 3D printers (integrated with the HSC spindle) for the efficient printing of metal powder and injection molding machines for micro-injection.




RÖDERS - a leading manufacturer of HSC machining centers ensuring the highest efficiency and surface quality. The offer also includes automated machining centers. Machine tools have grinding options.




ARIES INDUSTRIES - a group of companies with extensive knowledge and experience specializing not only in the production of aviation parts for the world's leading manufacturers of aircraft and engines, but above all, machines for their production. Aries Alliance offers various sizes, multi-axis presses for longitudinal and transverse stretching of sheets, profiles for cold and hot work. In addition to them, you can find presses for hot superplastic forming and cold elastoforming. In addition, machines for frictional joining of various metals and their alloys, based on a technique approved for use in the aviation industry. The solution significantly reduces the costs of production of aviation components, an example of which is the production of rotors made with the additive method - the blades are joined to the core by the friction method.


Headquarters ........... + 48 22 810 02 97


Leszek Kowalski ......... +48 603 677 057

Tomasz Czech ........... + 48 697 390 402


e-mail: info@soditronik.pl

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