Stare Miasto - Park Sp. z o.o.

With the view of creating a modern, investors friendly and innovative institution the Leżajsk Commune together with the Stare Miasto- Park Company have established the Industrial Park of the Leżajsk Commune (Park Przemysłowy Gminy Leżajsk). The aim of this joint undertaking is to support the entrepreneurship development by creating attractive conditions for operating business activity for small, medium sized and large firms.
The Park is in possession of 37 hectares of lands with full technical infrastructure located in two places in the outskirts of Leżajsk: Wierzawice and Stare Miasto. Apart from investment lands, the Park offers 2 newly built production and storage halls with the total surface area of 5000m2. Access roads leading to both halls and sectors are connected with national road no 77 and regional road no 877.
The Industrial Park offers:
  • Lease and sale of industrialized lands (green-field),
  • Lease and sale of the production halls (brown field),
The fact of being part of a Special Economic Zone entails financial advantages. The incorporation of some of the Park’s terrains to SEZ has enlarged the extend of assistance offered to entrepreneurs. A prospective partner may take advantage of a public assistance in form of income tax exemption. Additionally, the Leżajsk Commune has passed the extend of de minimis assistance for entrepreneurs taking up new investments in the Industrial Park area. It is based on tax privileges concerning real estate located in the Park.
Available Estates in the Park:
• Halls:
  • Hall H3 2000m2
• Lands:
  • 17 ha
• Offices:
  • currently no available offerts
Why is it worth investing?
  • support in form of income tax exemptions provided in the Zone,
  • regional assistance in form of property tax exemptions,
  • low labour costs,
  • attractive geographical location in the vicinity of Ukrainian and Slovakian border,
  • international airport 45 km from the Park,
  • railway main line Przemyśl-Rozwadów (Stalowa Wola) with sidings and unloading ramps near the Park,
  • assistance in the recruitment of workforce,
  • favourable and assisting self-government administration,
  • customs office in Leżajsk.
Currently in the Park there are firms from different sectors:
  • Building
  • Printing
  • ICT
  • Furniture
  • Laboratory
  • Advisory
  • Metalworking
  • Logistics


Stare Miasto-Park Sp. z o.o.
Wierzawice 874
37-300 Leżajsk
Phone/fax: + 48 (17) 242 00 78, 242 60 94

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