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Tubes International

Tubes International provide professional solutions concerning industrial hoses and couplings as well as hydraulic hose assemblies for all branches of industry. As early as the company was established (1993) its main focus was to provide specialist solutions for hoses and couplings for industry. We supply products and services through our own distribution network.
The fact that from the very beginning Tubes International has been in cooperation with best manufacturers from all over the world ensures delivery of top quality products meeting highest technical, safety and environmental requirements.
Years of experience earned the company huge trust of Customers that results in supplying solutions for more and more demanding and dangerous applications. Our experiences and procedures are regularly verified by research centers and internal or external auditors and then confirmed by different kinds of certificates, licenses or reports. It allows further improvement of our activity as well as quality of management.
Tubes International products and services are confirmed by product or company certificate and declarations. Safety and compliance to customers requirements are guaranteed by quality certificates.
Most important certificates:
  •      ISO 9001:2008 issued by DNV,
  •      ISO 9001: 2009 issued by TDT-CERT,
  •      Fulfilment of module A1 of Pressure Equipment Directive issued by UDT-CERT,
  •      ISO 3834-2:2007 issued by TDT-CERT,
  •      NATO Commercial and Government Entity,
  •      WDT (Military Technical Supervision) approval.
Detailed information about the offered by our company products are available on our website.


Our company has 21 branches in Poland and 11 abroad in such countries as: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Kazakhstan and Russia.
Head office Address Poland:
ul. Bystra 15A, Poznan
Phone: +48 61 653 02 22
Fax: +48 61 653 02 20
We invite you to visit our website

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- Measuring instruments

- Valves

- Parts made from alloys and stainless steel

- Tubes

- Sealings

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