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Wentworth Tech. Sp. z o.o.


Wentworth Group is word leader in manufacturing of tools for plastic packaging, stamping dies, special equipment and fixtures. We design, produce and assembly of PET Blow Molds, IBM - Injection Blow Molds, Injection Molds – one and multi-components. Wentworth is offering also machining of components for aerospace industry. We have experience in First Article Inspection (FAI) qualification process and also in mass production. Using advanced 5 axis CNC work centers we produce high precision parts, made from stainless steel, aluminum and titanium alloys or beryllium copper. Professional project management team is supported by advanced computerized operation systems to guarantee fluent communication with our customers. Distinguishes us exceptional capacity and short deliveries. Through strategic program our customers become our partners, increasing their benefits and reducing their risks and costs in managing their businesses. Strategic partnering program offers key competitive advantages like priority of service, guarantee of supply, long term supply contracts, special delivery time and pricing. We guarantee confidentiality and intellectual property protection.


Wentworth Tech Sp. z o.o.

ul. Przemysłowa 19

24-320 Poniatowa

tel. +48 81 820 57 30 fax: +48 81 820 57 29

www.wwtech.eu, www.wtbvc.com, info@wt.com.pl

Słowa kluczowe

- Instruments for aviation industry

- Sheet metals:cuttings, press forming, welding, ressistance welding

- Casting dies

- Shafts

- Parts made from alloys and stainless steel

- Mechanical machining

- Subassamblies for helicopters and aircrafts

- Production of subassamblies for aircrafts

- Deburring

- Specific details

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