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WIETPOL AEROSPACE Sp. z o.o. S.K.A. is a medium-sized company based in Krosno, Podkarpacie, a town with aviation tradition.
WIETPOL AEROSPACE has the status of the Workplace for the Disabled and is certfied for the EN/AS 9100 as well as EN ISO 9001. WIETPOL AEROSPACE company got concession in range of production and trade of military and police products defined in WT V.
Our production has been increasing steadily from one year to the next. In 2011 our sales amounted about 12,8 mln PLN. We are the largest sub-supplier of aircraft parts for Goodrich Krosno.
Among customers of our company are well-known companies from aviation, automotive, oil, power, furniture industry which work on local and world-wide market. Since 1979 to present-day the cooperation with power industry has been continued. In 1998 WIETPOL started cooperation with Goodrich Krosno, landing gear components producer and in 2004 with WSK PZL-Rzeszów in production of air engine  for Pratt & Whitney Canada. Since 2010 WIET-POL cooperate with Hispano-Suiza Poland in range of machining of aerospace parts.


Company Address:
Jasionka - Lotnisko 926
36-002 Jasionka
Production Facility Krosno
ul. Żwirki i Wigury 6b
38-400 Krosno
KRS: 0000458632
Kapitał zakładowy: 1.000.000 zł


  • CNC and conventional machining for aircraft, power, oil, building and furniture industry /turning, milling, grinding/ type of materials such as: steel, titanium, inconel, chrome-nickel, aluminium, toughened steel

-CNC turning in range Ø 650x1200

-CNC milling of parts in range of 850x700x650 - 4 axis machines

-CNC milling in range of 3050x1900x1550 - 3 axis machines

-CNC turning in range of Ø 280x570 with axis Y

  • Machining of pressure flanges for oil industry
  •     Production of screws, nuts and piston gas rings
  •     Electroplating: zinc coating (galvanizing pot dimensions: 3300x1400x800), zinc coating in drums (600x S 400), soft  anodizing of aluminium (anodizing pots dimensions 3200x600x900), colourful anodizing pots 3200x400x450
  •     Deburring of civil and military aircraft parts
  •     Engineering tooling production -milling, turning, electroplating, tooling for special processes and for individual customer order
  •     Production of small metal constructions
  •     Welding: TIG and MIG methods
  •     Measurements using CMM measuring machine DEA Global Status: x700, y 1000, z 500
  •     Computer-aided engineering using CATIA V5R18
  •     Laser cutting services: table dimensions 2500x1250 for black steel ≠ 20, for steel K/O ≠10
  •     Spray painting
  •     Products marking (electrochemical and percussive methods)

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- Mechanical machining

- Deburring

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