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Aviation Valley is located in southeastern Poland, known for its developed aviation industry and pilot training centers. The region is characterized by a high concentration of aviation industry companies, scientific and research centers and developed educational and training facilities.

The heart of the Aviation Valley lies in the capital of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship - Rzeszow.

The association has received significant financial assistance from Pratt & Whitney, a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of aircraft engines, rocket propulsion systems and industrial gas turbines.

The objectives of the Aviation Valley Association:

  • The organization and development of a low cost supply chain.
  • The creation of favorable conditions in order to enhance the development of aerospace industry enterprises in this region.
  • The further development of aerospace research, aptitude and skill.
  • The cooperation with universities of technology, which would promote new ideas and scientific research within the aerospace industry.
  • The promotion of the Polish aerospace industry.
  • The protection of enterprise and businesses in the aerospace industry.
  • The influence on the Polish government’s economic policy towards the aerospace industry and its domain.

The Aviation Valley Association currently represents 194 companies, with several others in the process of applying for membership.

Our most important short and medium term goals are:

  • to improve the existing manufacturing base.
  • to create a strong and reliable network of subcontractors and a low-cost supply chain.
  • to attract foreign investment.
  • to develop a relationship with other European centers of the aerospace industry.
  • to promote joint cooperation of the industry with universities of technology, and researchcenters.

The long-term objective of the Aviation Valley Association is to transform southeastern Poland into one of Europe’s leading aerospace regions, which would be able to provide a diverse cross section of products and services for the most demanding clients.


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