Posted On: 2023-05-19

Assessment – Clusters Support Services to SMEs

METASTARS is launching the Assessment for Clusters Support Services to SMEs – a SURVEY which will result in developing portfolio of services provided by clusters to the SMEs in Aerospace & Defence (ASD) Sector.

We invite all cluster managers, specialists, and team members to fill in the SURVEY. The results of this study will be reported in a catalogue of services available by clusters and disseminated among all European SMEs working in the field of Aerospace and Defence.

The SURVEY is open for your input as a part of the complex project activities which will lead to strengthening the ASD system in Europe.

METASTARS is 30-months, Eurocluster project, funded by the European Commission under the Single Market Programme, which stands for “METAcluster Support Towards a more resilient AeRospace and defence ecosystem” and aims at supporting SMEs of the European Aerospace & Defence (ASD) ecosystem to reinforce their resilience to potential future shocks. The project offers financial support to develop innovative projects and to benefit from services to adapt to new technologies, to develop or strengthen their green and digital transition, their innovation potential, their internationalization strategy towards Japan and Canada, and the upskilling of their work force.

With the support of the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership, this project will extend its network and impact through all European countries.

Help us to identify the services available and the topics we must address to support SMEs development!