Posted On: 2022-08-09

Eco initiative of the Aviation Valley

Aviation Valley members join forces to act for ecology. The Econnected initiative is launched to bring together awareness-building efforts, eco-friendly actions by member companies, and shared environmental responsibility for future generations.

The project created under the umbrella of Aviation Valley is a green light for ambitious actions for the natural environment in the region.
"Econnected, one of the pioneering ecological projects among clusters in Poland, will focus on promoting ecological awareness among companies operating in the region, including on the implementation of ecological solutions, conducting joint activities supporting the local community, regional ecosystem and cooperation with local institutions and educational centers. " – says Marek Darecki, President of the Aviation Valley Association.
The project also aims to develop a common, eco-friendly approach to avoiding plastic, reducing paper consumption, managing waste and saving energy in the resources used. The initiative is also open to small and medium-sized member companies of the Aviation Valley.
The project will cover several thematic areas, including waste management, green energy sources, eco culture, responsible resource management, broadly understood CSR activities on which employees representing member companies will work together. The founders of this ecological initiative are the 7 largest plants of the Aviation Valley: Pratt & Whitney Rzeszów, Pratt & Whitney AeroPower, MTU Aero Engines Polska, Safran Transmission Systems Poland, PZL Mielec, EME Aero, Aero Gearbox International Poland and Collins Aerospace. Everyone agrees that this is just the beginning of a road that will bring about a real improvement in environmental awareness in the long run.
“The initiator of the idea was MTU Aero Engines Polska, which together with Pratt & Whitney Rzeszów developed the assumptions and scope of the project. It fits perfectly into the current activities of the Aviation Valley in the field of ecological solutions in the aviation industry. It is also a very positive sign that despite the negative impact of the pandemic on our industry, we are still able to innovatively look to the future and face the challenges together" – adds Andrzej Rybka, Director of the Aviation Valley Association.