Posted On: 2008-07-21

Hispano-Suiza Polska received the prestigious tilte of Solid Employer of Podkarpacie 2007

Hispano-Suiza Polska located in Sędziszów Małopolski has received the prestigious tilte of:

„Solid Employer of Podkarpacie 2007”

The title Solid Employer of Podkarpacie 2007 is true honor and success for the Company. It is also a  crowning creating of modern and innovative Company in terms of technologies and management strategies. The Human Resources policy pursued by Hispano-Suiza Polska helps its employees in skills and knowledge development, as well as guarantees stable employment and highly-motivating renumeration scheme

The nomination award is based on information collected from Employment Office, District Office, City Board, District Labor Inspection. The Media partner group and jury, composed of  prominent members representing labour and business organizations  review thousands of companies employing more than 100 people. In the regional category only two companies from Podkarpacie have received the title. This is why the honor for Hispano-Suiza Polska is even more significiant.

The criteria which were taken consideration while choosing candidates and laureate of Solid Employer title, are:

  • work conditions (OH&S, work policy)
  • on date payment
  • social conditions
  • career path
  • internal and external opinion about company
  • employment  dynamics

Hispano-Suiza Polska currently employs 346 people, mainly from Sedziszów Małopolski and Ropczyce, supporting local labour market. In 2008 the Company employment will grow of 100 people. The Comapany is recruting now: Quality engineers, foreman,  CNC turners, fitters, grinders.