Posted On: 2014-04-04

Project AIRVET

INNpuls Sp. z o.o., a member of the Aviation Valley Association, belongs to a multidisciplinary consortium of 10 partners from 6 countries implementing, from 1 Nov 2013 to 31 Oct 2015, project AIRVET – Aeronautic Industry Skills Resolution for a more Efficient VET Offer.

The main objective of the project is to design, develop, evaluate and disseminate new or adapted curricula (especially for vocational education and training) addressed to the aerospace industry as it requires highly skilled personnel. This project is an answer to both current and future problems of aerospace industry, anticipated in view of the industry rapid growth and its global range clashing with the process of population ageing which could result in the lack of properly skilled personnel. AIRVET is supposed to deal with the following challenges for education and training of aerospace industry personnel:

  • the need for higher efficiency of education and training processes;
  • bringing the European systems of vocational education and training together;   
  • ensuring the balance between elementary and complementary vocational education;
  • the need for making the most of knowledge and skills gained in a formal and informal way.

The project assumes cooperation with:

  • aerospace industry (Al),
  • VET providers and trainers,
  • current and future AI employees,
  • schools and students (potential AI employees),
  • institutions of education and training systems.

It is presumed that due to such cooperation within the AIRVET project the following activities will be carried out:

  1. Territorial analysis of skill needs within the aerospace industry.
  2. Developing training curricula.
  3. Developing multimedia resources for training as well as a user guide.

What is more, through the project cooperation, we would like to establish a close and open dialogue, and sustained interactions between the representatives of aerospace industry such as aeronautic experts, institutions of education and training systems and VET providers.

If you are interested in joining in the project implementation, please contact us at this telephone number: 17 77 88 270 extension 33.

This project is implemented with the support of the European Union Lifelong Learning Programme.