Opublikowano 2006-07-26


INTERREG III C ADEP P-4 Sub-project.
The development and promotion of an industrial cluster of the Podkarpackie voivodeship.
The P-4 sub-project is a Polish part of the INTERREG III C ADEP project. It is a follow-on idea of Stowarzyszenie Grupy Przedsiębiorców Przemysłu Lotniczego DOLINA LOTNICZA ( Aviation Valley) . It was created by the initiative of entrepreneurs in the aviation sector who were willing to cooperate, thus developing skills, cooperation links, common research and qualifications in this sector. The goal of the association is to create favorable conditions for the development of SMEs in the region. During its operation, the association identified problems limiting the development of SMEs in the aviation sector that include:
  • lack of an efficient system for information exchange,
  • lack of a database and the financial sources to create it,
  • difficulties in establishing trade contacts by SMEs,
  • lack of information on personnel demand.
The further cluster development required the establishment of a cooperative network, a specialized database and the development of special skills for companies interested in cooperating with the high-tech sector.
  • Start: 1st of April 2005
  • End: 31st of March 2006
The project has been targeted at the development and promotion of an innovation cluster for companies in the aviation sector within the Podkarpackie voivodeship through:
  • developing a specialized portal containing, amongst other items, a database of offers of enterprises related to the aviation, a database of research and personnel needs, and also cooperation with SMEs
  • intensive promotional activities such as conferences and participation in international venues
  •  implementing best practices from the partners region in various fields of the cluster development,
  •  engaging cooperation between research-development units and SMEs sector
The project has been aimed at utilizing the innovative instruments and organizational methods for industrial clusters based on the best European practices and modern information technologies.
Main results:
Cooperation with other regions has allowed to elaborate strategy and organisation of companies associated in industrial clusters and implementing information of best performance practices in other regions to the portal.
Establishing cooperation with partner regions was the key to acquaintance with their experiences in the organisation innovative regional clusters.
Cooperation with Regional Partners has especially contributed to:
– improving quality of services of SMEs sector,
  • elaborating organisational model and financing activities of companies associated in the industrial cluster,
  • establishing direct contacts by SMEs with foreign partners.
The primary importance for the development of cluster has been gaining knowledge and learning best pratices by the participation in seminars and study tours, organised by the project partners ,meeting with various experts for Finland and Ireland to elaborate a sustainable cluster activity model, discussing the methods of obtaining money for a the cluster operation, implementing new ways of promotion and getting sources of financial means for the cluster SMEs.
The methodologies of the clusters development both in the Oulu region in Finland as well as in BMW region in Ireland should be the vital tools in the development of the innovative industrial cluster of the Podkarpackie voivodeship.
The closer cooperation between the industrial companies associated in the cluster and scientific institution in the region is strongly recommended. The companies should identify their needs and problem and regional scientific centres should participate is bringing effective solutions.
Training and education centres should have their programs more tailored to the needs of the modern, high-tech industry. E-learning method used in the Oulu partner region should be implemented, as a very innovative and effective tool, in the Podkarpackie voivodeship.