Posted On: 2024-05-02

METASTARS first results

METASTARS is a Eurocluster dedicated to boost the competitiveness of SMEs in the Aerospace & Defence (ASD) sector and to strengthen the ASD ecosystem in Europe.

The project is entering its final year and is proud to present the results already achieved through activities benefitting both SMEs and clusters.

Innovation Projects to support SMEs developing innovations contributing the resilience and value chain of the ASD sector

METASTARS is supporting 11 projects involving 17 SMEs through a call for Innovation Projects. Each SME benefits from a lump sum of 40,000€ to implement a project that will contribute to improving the resilience of the ASD industrial ecosystem by developing value chains interlinkages in the EU or that will contribute to the EU strategic autonomy by developing innovative products and services.

5 projects were selected in the “high risk” category (projects at TRL 2-5) and 6 in the “low risk” category (projects TRL5-7).

The projects are currently ongoing and will finalise in July 2024 for the “high risk category” and in September 2024 for the “low risk” category”.

Check the list of laureate projects in METASTARS second newsletter:

Innovation Services to boost SMEs development and their adaptation to the green and digital transition

METASTARS call for services awarded financial support to 36 SMEs to benefit from external services to enable them to innovate in one of the following areas:

  • Digitalisation
  • Information system and security
  • Green technology development
  • Upskilling and reskilling
  • Internationalisation to Japan and Canada

Laureate SMEs can adapt the content of the service to their needs, to boost the adoption of new internal processes, support the development of new products and services or facilitate their access to new markets.

More than half of the services are already finalised, showing positive impacts on SMEs expected turnover, access to new markets and competitive advantages.

Find the list of METASTARS Innovation Services laureates here:

Boosting SMEs internationalisation to Japan and Canada

In addition to the Internationalisation services awarded, METASTARS organised two webinars to support SMEs in their internationalisation process. The webinars provided information about the aerospace market in Japan and Canada, tips and contacts to successfully develop a business overseas.

The webinars are available to watch here:



Strengthening the ASD ecosystem

METASTARS seeks to develop closer links with European stakeholders who can support ASD SMEs to adapt to the green and digital transition, to be more resilient to future market shocks and access new business opportunities.

To this end, METASTARS offers activities to support ASD clusters in Europe to increase their capacities to support SMEs. 6 training sessions on soft skills already took place, gathering 55 members from 33 European clusters.

A survey is also open to clusters to register the services they offer to SMEs. The results of the survey will be used to create a portfolio of support services offered by clusters and provide recommendations to develop services adapted to SMEs needs. If you would like to register the services of your cluster you can contribute here:

I addition, 5 workshops were organised to provide ASD stakeholders with information about the current challenges faced in this sector. You can watch one of these workshops dedicated to bio-based and sustainable fuels for aeronautics online:

If you are interested in collaborating with METASTARS, we would be delighted to hear from you at

METASTARS next activities

In the next months, METASTARS will continue its activities towards a more resilient ASD ecosystem.  Several documents will be prepared to support SMEs development and resilience: a Portfolio of upskilling and reskilling services offered by clusters, Internationalisation strategies towards Japan and Canada, and a Business resilience plan for the ASD sector.

METASTARS Prizes will be organised to reward resilient SMEs and METASTARS final event will take place during Aeromart in December 2024 in Toulouse.

Stay tuned for more information!